Our nursery

Our family business was founded in 1983. We now grow more than 750,000 plants a year for the (wholesale) trade, intermediaries, and retailers at home and abroad. You will find us in the county Noord-Brabant, Molenschot. There we have 4 hectares of glass cultivation, 3 hectares of outdoor cultivation, and a colorful showroom, that you can visit at any time.

Our product range:
the Skimmia and more!

At least half of the product range we sell, are Skimmias. This showpiece demands feeling and craftsmanship. The Skimmia is available in various types. For consumers, they are easy to maintain, just like the popular ornamental shrubs Viburnum, Leucothoe and Pieris.

But we have more…. You will find a wide and varied range of garden plants. Our product range is tailored to the latest trends, because we follow the market closely and respond innovatively to developments.

Our way of working: quality first

We are proud to do the entire production process ourselves. Small cuttings grow under our green fingers into mature plants full of flowers. We also take care of the distribution ourselves. This is how we monitor the quality we promise.

With each delivery we inspect all the plants. They only leave the house if they meet all the criteria. We work according to a standard quality assurance system of the highest standard, because we are only satisfied if you get the best plants.


We are a green company in every way. Sustainable business is just daily business for us. We care about our plants, our people and the world around us. We are always looking for improvements that we can make in this area and are proud of our international MPS-A standards.


Good service is at the top of our list. You can rely on us, because we do what we promise and always take that extra step for you. You can ask us anything.

If you want, we put the plants priced and labeled on transport. All you have to do is order, we’ll take care of the rest. One-stop-shop is what we call it.

Making the world greener together. Literally and figuratively.

Our Vision

In an increasingly green world, we are a leading garden plant supplier and strive for leadership. We work hard with our environment, in front of our surroundings. We place high demands on ourselves and on the people around us and continue to strengthen and make our network more sustainable. In this way, we grow together the most complete, high-quality and sustainable range of garden plants, with the Skimmia as our showpiece.


With our knowledge, experience and eagerness to learn, we grow the very best plants.


We care about our plants, the people around us and our environment.


Our customers can build on maximum quality and service.

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We supply European (wholesale) trade, intermediaries and retailers looking for quality. Please contact us, we are happy to help!


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