Making the world greener together

Snepvangers Tuinplanten

We cultivate quality. We grow plants for the trade that adorn gardens throughout the year. Our pride and joy is the Skimmia!

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If you’re looking for the best wholesale garden plants, look no further. We grow them with love, pleasure, and professionalism. You can choose from more than 1.2 million ornamental shrubs, which mainly look at their best in the autumn and winter, and be amazed by the Skimmia, our showpiece.

Only the very best is good enough

We’re extremely demanding, both in terms of our plants and our service. We enjoy making your life easier, and we’re always prepared to go that extra mile for you.

A greener world. Literally!

Our plants, which mainly flower in the autumn and winter, literally make the world a greener place. We can rely on 40 years of knowledge and experience in growing plants. The entire process is carried out in-house, from taking young cuttings to growing the mature plants that decorate gardens in beautiful hues of green. It means we can be certain that you get the quality you expect.

The product of a green heart.

Doing business sustainably is simply second nature for us. We care about our plants, the people around us, and our planet. For example, we invest in recycled and recyclable flower pots, and in long-term relationships with our customers. We’re proud of our MPS-A quality mark.


Japonica White Dwarf


Flowerfesta Pink


Tinus Ladybird


Japonica Red Riding Hood


6-7 February 2024

Plantarium Groen-Direkt

3-15 June 2024

Tradefair Snepvangers

21-22 August 2024

Plantarium Groen-direkt

5-7 November 2024

Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Making the world greener together

Literally and figuratively


We deploy all our knowledge, experience and curiosity to grow the very best plants.


We care about our plants, the people around us, and our planet.


You can rely on the very best quality and service.

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We supply the European wholesale and retail trade, intermediaries, and retailers interested in quality. Please contact us, we’ll be delighted to help you!


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